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Friday, July 08, 2011

Latest Trends in Google - July 2011

Off late Google has been adding so many features into its products with so much of pace like its ass is on fire. And probably this is good news for users. Firstly, the launch of +1 button took place, which was pretty much accepted by users as it could enhance the quality of keyword based web search. Although I feel that there are two serious flaws in its design. Firstly, the authenticity of +1 could not be trusted to 100%. I'd just hit a +1 button to my blog that shows up on a keyword search simply because it is MY blog. Or I could simply program a bot for this if possible. Secondly, the +1 shows up on keyword search. How can a user judge the quality of a website shown up before visiting it. Assuming that one finds the site relevant and accurate, why would one ever come back to the search page to hit the +1 button. These issues, I believe, though not showstopper flaws, certainly needs intervention.

And then comes the much hyped Google plus, perhaps which is still yet to take off. As of now, people believe that it is just old wine in new bottle. Nevertheless, it is still possible that g+ might surpass Facebook one day because of its renewed older features of social networking along with a few new features.

Google has also modified its user interface for the sidebar of Google search. It now comes with readable, glassy gray and brown fonts. On the similar lines Google also worked out a clutter free theme for Gmail named 'preview' which I believe, is so far the best theme for gmail ever. It has this elegant wider inbox list which can now be filtered to be read based on 'Important first', 'Unread first', et al.

Adding to this, Google has confirmed that it would lay emphasis on changing the look and feel of its products for a better user experience. And today, we also witness a change in UI for blogger. Login to http://draft.blogger.com with your blogspot id to check out the new interface for blogger.

Look and feel apart, Google is yet to officially rename its well known two products Picasa and Blogger. Picasa would now be renamed to Google photos and Blogger would now be renamed to Google blogs. This is Google's attempt to allow complete integration of these products into its latest revelation, Google plus. This might proabably become one of the major 'thumbs-up' for Google plus over Facebook.

Google is in a hurry now to prove its presence in everything and I guess it might just be able to prove this point to the world that it might eventually become omnipotent, omniscient and all pervading, probably a digital god. As of now all we can say is, It's cooking in Google's Kitchen.


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