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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Windows 8 - (Dev Build) Review So Far

I just experienced Windows 8, a leaked version from the dev build beta archives, on my friend's laptop. If there is one adjective to describe it, I'd go for the word "different". I personally felt that the tablet-ish aspect of its UI certainly looks elegant with all the native MS-zune like Metro-style interface but I am afraid that it would certainly compromise the desktop experience. A scroll though between panels is obviously easier on a tablet because of the touch. On the contrary I find it a pain in the butt to move my mouse to the tiny scroll bar below to navigate between the home panels. The tablet targeted applications provided by default are brilliant, like the RSS/News feed reader, Picstream, Paintplay, etc.
Users are likely to face hassles until they get used to it. First and foremost of all, as you login to the system you are not directed to a desktop screen, instead you are directed onto a tablet like home screen. 
To see the Windows 7 like desktop, you need to select the desktop launcher from the home screen. When an application or external software is installed, instead of the shortcut being dropped onto the desktop, a similar such launch icon will be dropped onto the panels. Of course you can manually drop the shortcut onto the desktop too. Secondly, there is not even a slightest trace of the conventional "All Programs" type start menu within the desktop. So if you heavily rely on the Start menu - mouse click way of launching your applications, well, you might hate Windows 8. But good news for the keyboard freaks who rarely use the mouse to launch apps. Windows 7 start menu search is extended further to make it look the unity panel of Ubuntu 11.04 and above. So applications can be launched easily by hitting the windows key and typing in the name of the app to be launched.

Some other changes in the UI include addition of an abnormally huge toolbar (as in MS office apps) in the FIle Explorer. Windows task manager has changed, looks good but again, it is not too intuitive to a conventional Windows User in its first sight. Some other minor changes in alerts are also evident. 

As of now, I am ignorant of the intricacies of this version of Windows OS, but from an eagle eye's perspective, the speed and performance seem descent enough, just like its predecessor. Nevertheless, I wouldn't go too far exaggerating that Windows 8 is immaculate because it isn't. I am not as thrilled as I was when I experienced Windows 7 for the first time. It is too good in some aspects and atrocious in some other. I hope the annoying aspects of it are answered in the coming build versions. So to wrap it up, I stick to the word, different. Yes!, Windows 8 is different, a lot different and it has changed from its former versions. It depends on how the users tune themselves with this change. 


Anonymous said...

ya..agree with you.. I have seen the developer version, it takes some time for a traditional windows user to get used to this.. Any comments on the performance part ?

Anonymous said...

so far, I hate it....had it for a week and it drives me crazy

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