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Sunday, March 18, 2012

TicTacToe Game in Pharo Smalltalk

For an absolute pharo/smalltalk beginner, I think this would be a good place to start with. This is a simple TicTacToe implementation with just three classes : TicTacToe, TicTacToeCell and TicTacToeModel using Morphs. Works on MVC based architecture with view and model separate (no specific class for controller though).

Object subclass: #TicTacToe
instanceVariableNames: 'container model'
classVariableNames: ''
poolDictionaries: ''
category: 'VK-Games'

container := Morph new 

              layoutPolicy: TableLayout new; 
              color: Color transparent.
model := TicTacToeModel new:3.
self addRows.
self addControls.

| rowMorph aCell rowCol |
1 to:3 do:[ :row |
rowMorph := Morph new layoutPolicy: RowLayout new.
1 to: 3 do: [ :col |
aCell := TicTacToeCell new.
aCell setModel: (model) row: row col: col.
rowMorph addMorph: aCell.
container addMorph: rowMorph.

| rowMorph newGameButton exitGameButton |
rowMorph := Morph new 

             layoutPolicy: RowLayout new; 
             color: Color transparent.
newGameButton := self createCtrlLabelled: 'New'      onClickExecutes: [self restart].
exitGameButton := self createCtrlLabelled: 'Exit'  onClickExecutes: [container delete].
rowMorph addMorph: exitGameButton.
rowMorph addMorph: newGameButton.
container addMorph: rowMorph.

createCtrlLabelled: aString onClickExecutes: aBlock
| aCtrlButton |
aCtrlButton := SimpleButtonMorph new label: aString.
aCtrlButton color: (Color black alpha: 0.2).
aCtrlButton extent: 60@30.
aCtrlButton on: #click send: #value to: aBlock.

container openInWorld.

container delete.
Smalltalk garbageCollect.
TicTacToe new open.


SimpleButtonMorph subclass: #TicTacToeCell
instanceVariableNames: 'parentModel rowNum colNum'
classVariableNames: ''
poolDictionaries: ''
category: 'VK-Games'

super initialize.
self label: ''.
self extent: 40@40.
self on: #click send: #value to: (self onClickExecutionBlock).

setModel: ticTacToeModel row: aRow col: aCol
parentModel := ticTacToeModel.
rowNum := aRow.
colNum := aCol.

(self label size) == 0
self label: (parentModel updateAtRow: rowNum 
                Col: colNum).
parentModel checkWinCondition.
self extent: 40@40.


Matrix subclass: #TicTacToeModel
instanceVariableNames: 'filledCellCount currentFill winner'
classVariableNames: ''
poolDictionaries: ''
category: 'VK-Games'

super initialize.
filledCellCount := 0.
currentFill := nil.
winner := nil.

updateAtRow: r Col: c
currentFill == nil
ifTrue:[ currentFill := 'X'. ]
currentFill == 'X'
ifTrue: [ currentFill := 'O'. ]
ifFalse: [ currentFill := 'X'. ]
self at: r at: c put: currentFill.
filledCellCount := filledCellCount + 1.

filledCellCount >= 5 "for optimization. Win can occur minimum at 5th turn"
ifTrue: [
Transcript show: 'Yes'.
1 to: 3 do: [:idx |
self checkWinConditionInRow: idx.
self checkWinConditionInColumn: idx.
self checkWinConditionInDiagonals.
checkWinConditionInRow: rowNum
winner isNil
ifTrue: [
set := (self atRow: rowNum) asSet.
self checkWinConditionInSet: set

checkWinConditionInColumn: colNum
winner isNil
ifTrue: [
set := (self atColumn: colNum) asSet.
self checkWinConditionInSet: set.

|set1 set2 |
winner isNil
ifTrue: [
set1 := (self diagonal) asSet.
set2 := Set newFrom: {(self at: 1 at: 3). (self at: 2 at: 2). (self at: 3 at: 1)} asOrderedCollection.
self checkWinConditionInSet: set1.
self checkWinConditionInSet: set2.

checkWinConditionInSet: aSet
aSet size == 1
ifTrue: [
(aSet includes: 'X')
ifTrue: [winner := 'P1'. Transcript open. Transcript show: 'Player 1 is the winner!!'.].
(aSet includes: 'O')
ifTrue: [winner := 'P2'.  Transcript open. Transcript show: 'Player 2 is the winner!!'.].


mozillanerd said...

I find that RawLayout is undefined. Where can I find this?

Vamsi Emani said...

Hi. It is not RawLayout. It is RowLayout which comes with the default Pharo base.

Vicnet said...

On Pharo 1.3, I have a bug due to the fact that Set does not accept nil element.
In checkWinConditionInRow: , atRow return sometime nil.
And asSet try to add those nil element => Error
Peharps, nill could be replaced by #empty element, or ' ' char ?

Anonymous said...

i am completely new to smalltalk.
I copy pasted all the code in and i get an error when i try to run it and i cannot figure out what to do about it. something like


i then click on

AnObsoleteTicTacToeModel(Object) doesNotUnderstand: #undateAtRow:Col:

and at the bottome it displays

doesNotUnderstand: t1
|t2 t3|
(t2 := MessageNotUnderstood new) message: t1;
t3 := t2 signal.
^ t2 reachedDefaultHandler
ifTrue: [t1 sentTo: self]
ifFalse: [t3]

:=t2 signal is highlighted in blue

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