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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Design Patterns: Factory Method Pattern

* A simple implementation of Factory Method Pattern
* using a real time CricketPlayer example

public interface CricketPlayer{
    public String play();

class Bowler implements CricketPlayer{
    public String  play (){
        return "takes a wicket";

class Batsman implements CricketPlayer{
    public String  play (){
        return "hits a six";

//Factory class - contains the logic of instatiating players
public class CricketPlayerFactory{
    CricketPlayer player;
    public CricketPlayer getPlayerWho(String does){
            player = new Batsman();
        else if(does.equals("bowls"))
            player = new Bowler();
        return player;              

//Factory method implementation
public class FactoryImplementation{
    public static void main(String args){
        //create a factory
        CricketPlayerFactory factory = new CricketPlayerFactory();
        //ask factory to instantiate the player
        CricketPlayer player = factory.getPlayerWho("bats");
        //use the player
        System.out.prinln(player. play ());


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